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Heritage Hall Students Participate in Black History Month

Lew McGinnis

Lew McGinnis is the owner of a real estate investment company in Nicholls Hill, Oklahoma. Also a philanthropist, Lew McGinnis works with several community organizations and has served on the board of directors of Heritage Hall High School.

On February 16, 2017, during Black History Month, Heritage Hall students took part in a discussion on the negative effects of racism. The conversation was led by Dr. Catherine John of the University of Oklahoma, who opened the floor with a dialogue on the Civil Rights Movement and racism in the modern world.

Dr. John also shared with the students her belief that racism manifests itself differently among the diverse populace and that it is only through the appreciation of racial differences that true unity and understanding can be attained. After the discussion, the students were treated to a performance of the musical Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. At the end of the show, the students reflected on racism in the past compared to racism today.

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