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City of Hope Conducts Life-Saving Research

Lew McGinnis

In 1982, the City of Hope’s Tucson chapter honored real estate entrepreneur Lew McGinnis as its Man of the Year and received the Spirit of Life Award for his donations to building the new City of Hope medical facility in Duarte, California. Lew McGinnis, a businessman since his youth, had made his name well-known across Arizona as a developer and as a philanthropist.

The more than $50,000 raised at that event more than three decades ago went toward funding life-saving care at the hospital for people stricken with devastating illnesses. City of Hope supporters pointed out at the time that every dollar raised to support the hospital would result in approximately $3 worth of patient care.

Today’s City of Hope serves as an independently run center focused on research, treatment, and public education. It works to improve outcomes for people with cancer, diabetes, and HIV at its Duarte main campus outside Los Angeles. The hospital’s network also consists of ancillary sites in Palm Springs, Glendora, Arcadia, and other Southern California communities.
The City of Hope’s research facilities publish numerous studies annually. Among the hospital’s recent projects is a study suggesting that the use of aspirin may decrease women’s risk of developing breast cancer. Other urgently needed research at City of Hope includes work on the endocrinology of diabetes, and the uses of gene therapy as a human treatment option.

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