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Best Practices for Hospital Fundraising

Lew McGinnis

Nichols Hills, Oklahoma-based real estate investor Lew McGinnis has been active in charitable, philanthropic, and mentoring opportunities for decades. One way in which Lew McGinnis has helped others is through fundraising work for hospitals, including hospitals of various faiths.

Hospital fundraising activities can be challenging, and hospitals often lag behind other institutions when it comes to researching prospects. By following good practices, however, hospitals can make up for this gap and achieve their fundraising goals more efficiently.

One key element is creating a clear case for support. Fundraising efforts should have a clear vision, and convey to the prospect specifically how the funds will help the hospital and the people it cares for. Fundraisers should work in tandem with hospital administrators to build a sense of what the hospital's fundraising vision should be.
Sourcing potential donors who are likely to donate is also important. Two of the most common successful donor types are grateful patients and hospital employees. Approaching patients and staff must be done in compliance with laws and regulations, but it can pay large dividends for hospitals in affluent areas.

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