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    A lifelong real estate investor and entrepreneur, Lew McGinnis has spent more than five decades at the helm of an investment firm in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma. During the course of his career, Lew McGinnis has owned and operated more than 100,000 apartments in areas ranging from the Midwest to the western part of the country.

    A charitable individual, Lew McGinnis spent half of his life during his 20s and 40s assisting with philanthropic endeavors. During that time, he tutored African-American children who could not read and encouraged them to become literate. Although not involved professionally in the medical field, he sat on the board of directors of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix and was a trustee of its medical school. He also sat on the board of directors of Heritage Hall School in North Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    In addition, Mr. McGinnis was one of the original founders of the Kino Learning Center in Phoenix, which is a Catholic alternative education school for children in grades 1 through 12. He also served as president of the center for more than a decade.

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    For more than five decades, Lew McGinnis has been in the real estate investment business, having...
    In 1982, the City of Hope’s Tucson chapter honored real estate entrepreneur Lew McGinnis as its...
    Lew McGinnis is the owner of a real estate investment company in Nicholls Hill, Oklahoma. Also a...
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